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Find a Compatible Professional
Know in advance how you and your professional advisor will likely mesh with one another.

Find a Compatible Professional 

Know in advance how you and your professional advisor will likely mesh with one another. I can impart tremendous insight into what your strengths and weaknesses are as a team, as well as help you to avoid uncomfortable circumstances.

This consultation does not assess technical or professional expertise; that’s your job. The consultation is focused on helping you find a person with whom you really work well, enabling you to avoid the disappointment, stress and anxiety that comes from a poorly matched team.

The process is easy.  You provide me with the birthdates of the prospective professionals that you have an interest in working with, and I use Astrology to help you to determine which relationships contain the best harmony and most potential for success.

Note:  Astrological compatibility analysis of prospective professional advisor is not a replacement for identifying qualified professional representation. Rather, it is intended to supplement the process of choosing the right person for you by pointing you towards the most compatible choice. You are encouraged to use the most competent professional representation you can find.

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Kevin McCorry, Professional Astrologer

My clients cover a wide spectrum, from individuals with concerns about relationships, career and other life choices, to businesses needing assistance with strategic planning, staffing and product launches. Be it helping you to find an auspicious date to initiate a mission critical event or providing insightful analysis on your most important issues, I can help you to make great choices and to make them at the right time.

Learn more about Make A Great Choice and Kevin McCorry.

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Pricing and Services Details


The base rate for consultation is $350.  After you have submitted a request for consultation services with your specific needs and I have an understanding of your goals and the scope of your reading, I will provide you with a price quote and an estimate of how long it will take me to complete the preparation for you consultation/project. The quote will include the preparation time and the consultation itself.

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Timeline and Delivery of Results

Typically, I am blessed with a healthy client load and I’m running four to six weeks out in terms of completing the research and investigation on your consultation/project. This timeframe may be longer if there are additional details needed.  I will provide a time estimate with your quote. The time frame and process begins once advance payment is made. Once I have completed the research and investigation on your charts, I will contact you to set up a day and time for your consultation. 

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