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Get insights on work relationships, major decisions, careers and skills

Reveal your unique talents and find the situations that best suit you while planning successful strategies for living your work life to the fullest.

Career Transition - What Now?

This consultation is designed for people who are either in a career transition or would like to be in career transition. It’s also a helpful session for students who are nearing the point of picking their initial career direction. We will look at your unique gifts and talents and see where the financial planets offer support and use this information to explore the arenas where you could be most be successful. 


We will look at where you are now and where you want to go next and examine how your energy will interact with upcoming planetary movements. This consultation will identify “Cinderella” periods and “Golden” times when you are most likely to find the best financial opportunities and make significant career gains. Conversely, I can forewarn you about “Heartbreak,” “Nuclear” and “Poorhouse” time periods where jobs and finances can be at risk and give you suggestions for successfully negotiating the times when you have turbulent planetary alignments. 

Potential Employer Screening

Find the Right Company

You are knee deep into your job search and you have two or three companies ready to make you an offer. It is an exciting and stressful time as you try decide what company will be the best choice. Of course, you want to identify the company that is the best fit, providing you with the greatest opportunity to be successful. Astrology can help point you to the situation that has the best odds for success. I can explain the strengths and weaknesses of your chart compared to the incorporation charts of your prospective employers, helping you to make the best decision for your future.

Make Your First Day a Great Day

Begin your new job on an auspicious day that enhances your chances for great success and reward. A start date can often be negotiated as a part of the hiring process. Knowing ahead of time what days would be great start days for you gives you a tremendous advantage.

Skills and Talents Assessment

What Work Situation Best Suits You

Everyone is born with natural talents that we are meant to contribute to the world on our life’s journey. As we grow, we tend to naturally migrate towards the significant vocational energy in our charts. However, there are often challenges to how the energy of what you came here to contribute gets expressed. Rarely are people blank slates of “I just don’t know what I’m good at.” Usually when they say that, it’s more so a reflection of not having success, and is often not a result of not having a sense of how they might be successful at work. I can clarify what you are good at. In addition, I can assist you in prioritizing your talents and identifying the type of work situations that might work best for you.

Skills and Talents That Make You Money

We’ve all see the TV talent shows where contestants with fabulous talent, lose the contest and are never heard from again in the entertainment industry. Most of know a tremendous athlete we went to school with who never had a professional career in sports. Astrology has the answers as to why legitimate extraordinary skills and talents do not translate into careers that feature those skills and talents. Virtually everyone has multiple skills and talents and can establish competency in a variety of fields. Those noteworthy skills and talents are represented by planetary geometry in someone’s natal charts. However, if there are no financial planets in the within the planetary geometry, it’s unlikely a person can make much money with those talents.

Astrology can be very beneficial to you in helping to identify where the money is in your chart and the types of vocations, skills and talents it is connected to.

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Kevin McCorry, Professional Astrologer

My clients cover a wide spectrum, from individuals with concerns about relationships, career and other life choices, to businesses needing assistance with strategic planning, staffing and product launches. Be it helping you to find an auspicious date to initiate a mission critical event or providing insightful analysis on your most important issues, I can help you to make great choices and to make them at the right time.

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Pricing and Services Details


The base rate for consultation is $350.  After you have submitted a request for consultation services with your specific needs and I have an understanding of your goals and the scope of your reading, I will provide you with a price quote and an estimate of how long it will take me to complete the preparation for you consultation/project. The quote will include the preparation time and the consultation itself.

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Timeline and Delivery of Results

Typically, I am blessed with a healthy client load and I’m running four to six weeks out in terms of completing the research and investigation on your consultation/project. This timeframe may be longer if there are additional details needed.  I will provide a time estimate with your quote. The time frame and process begins once advance payment is made. Once I have completed the research and investigation on your charts, I will contact you to set up a day and time for your consultation. 

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