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After your date of birth, is your wedding date is the single most important astrological day in your life

The Power of Marriage

A marriage chart is so powerful it can assist couples who lack compatibility to have a more harmonious relationship. Conversely, an ill advised marriage date can sink even the most wonderfully compatible couples.

The Most Important Day of Your Adult Life

With the power to help you achieve lasting financial security and enhance your love for your spouse, your wedding day chart can assist you more than any other astrological chart; other than your natal chart.  A well-chosen auspicious wedding day enhances the lives of your children as it is the astrological chart of your family. 

Due of the importance of this chart, it is essential a highly qualified Electional astrologer* help you select your wedding day. It is by far the best wedding gift you could ever give yourself or a loved one.  Electional Astrologers “elects” auspicious dates. It’s a very technical astrological sub-specialty to be only practiced by highly qualified astrologers.  

Having A Hard Time Setting The Date? Get Married "Twice". 

Frequently the most auspicious astrological time for you to get married may not be the most convenient time for you family, friends and colleagues to attend.  The solution is to get married twice. The first marriage is both the astrologically chosen marriage and the legal marriage, selected to be held on the very best date for the bride and groom. You can make this as big or small as you want, but it needs to be a legal marriage with all the important paperwork signed, sealed and recorded. The second date, which must come after the first legal date wedding (no exceptions) is for your friends and family and you may have all the ceremony and circumstance your heart (and bank account) can stand. This way everyone wins. You get the most auspicious day (and best chart) for your legal wedding and your family and friends also get a day to share in the blessing of your marriage.

It’s up to you if you want to share with your guests that you are already legally married. In astrology, the first time for any action initiates the action and cements the energy of that day. You can get married to the same person as many times as you want and it has no astrological significance, unless of course you got a divorce in-between.  

Engagement Charts Matter Too 

When you get engaged to your loved one, you modify the energy of your relationship by creating new ruling chart for your relationship. The day of the engagement is a very important day for romance and harmony. When you get married, the Wedding Chart will supersede all others and the engagement chart will be virtually null and void. However, until you get married the Engagement Chart will rule your relationship.

Having a well-chosen engagement chart can bring lots of harmony to what can be a very stressful period of planning and coordinating your wedding. It can also give you extra confidence the marriage will indeed occur.