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Meeting Someone New

Let astrology help you create a meaningful relationship when meeting someone new in your life.

The moment you meet someone you create a birth chart for your relationship with that person that never goes away.

First Days are Critical

The moment you meet someone in person AND have some kind of physical touch (handshake, hug, kiss, pat on the back, etc…) you create a birth chart for your relationship with that person that never goes away. Just like the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” you also never get a second chance to meet someone and touch them for the first time.

You can use Astrology to give you a leg up when you know you will be meeting someone new. Here are some circumstances when you may want help in facilitating a blessed meeting of a new person.

Days have different symbolisms attached to them.  When you meet a physician, you want it to occur on a day that has prominent good fortune and expertise energy. When you meet perspective in-laws you want to do it on days that have strong family connection symbolisms. When you meet a new pet you want to have lots of companionship energy working in your favor.

Progression of Intimacy - Meeting Someone New

There is a progression of intimacy. The ruling relationship chart changes based on the level of intimacy of the interaction. You can start relationship anyplace in the Progression of Intimacy and each time you increase the intimacy, the more intimate chart supersedes the previous, less intimate chart. The final, irrevocable chart is always the day you first touch (handshake, pat on the back, hug, kiss, fist bump, etc…)

Meeting by email or letter (low intimacy). The relationship begins when the recipient opens the email/letter not when you send it.

Speaking by Phone (medium-low intimacy). The chart is activated when the recipient answers the phone. If you have met previously by email or letter, this chart replaces the email or letter chart.

Speaking by video chat such as Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc… (medium intimacy)

Meeting in person but no touching (advanced medium intimacy)

Meeting in person and then touching; handshake, hug, kiss, pat on the back, fist bump, etc…(high intimacy) Once you meet someone in person and touch them, then any previous relationship chart from the above Progression of Intimacy is null and void. The meeting in person and touching chart is the final first meeting chart in perpetuity. This chart never, ever goes away.

Planning ahead and knowing the best days to meet, you can give your relationship a great foundation to be most beneficial to each person involved.

Progression of Intimacy – Romance

Once you have the first touch final first-meeting relationship chart, the next ruling relationship charts for romance are as follows

First intimacy – once you have an intimate moment with someone you have established a new, irrevocable level of intimacy with that person. This moment becomes the new ruling relationship chart. The first meeting chart never goes away, but it becomes a secondary chart to the first intimacy chart.

Engagement – when are engaged to be wed, the day of the acceptance of the proposal becomes your ruling relationship chart. The first sex chart becomes essentially void and the first meeting chart remains the secondary relationship chart.

Wedding – Your wedding chart is the ultimate relationship chart. It is by far the most powerful chart and impacts your life far beyond any other relationship chart. The engagement chart becomes essentially void. The first meeting chart is still a secondary chart. However, the wedding chart is so immensely powerful, the first meeting chart has minimal impact on the couple going forward.

Divorce – If a couple divorce, the date the divorce is final becomes their new ruling relationship chart and the wedding chart becomes null and void. The first meeting chart is still the secondary chart and it carries more weight than it did during the marriage.

Progression of Intimacy – Business

If you form a business partnership with another person, or persons, the ruling relationship chart is formed at the time you sign a partnership agreement (legal document). If you co-found a company absent a partnership agreement, then the date of incorporation of your co-founded company becomes the ruling relationship chart. The first meeting chart becomes a secondary chart for your relationship.