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Auspicious Dates

What if you can create a pattern for a successful outcome before you even start?  The power of Scientific Astrology is in helping you before “it” happens.

The most impacting information to help you succeed in any endeavor is fore knowledge of the most auspicious day to start.

If You Need an Auspicious Day, I Can Help 

Beginning something important on an auspicious day is analogous to pouring a solid foundation for the home you are building. It gives you a much better chance of withstanding severe weather while thriving through good weather.

Start it on a Great Day

Astrological research has confirmed that the most significant energy is created at the beginning of any process at the exact time something is initiated. Finding an auspicious day to start a new initiative in your life is a tremendous boost to successfully accomplishing what you are setting out to do.

There is an auspicious time for everything; beginnings and endings. Marriage, divorce, start a new job, leave an old job, start a new business, sell an old business, take a new lover, say goodbye to the old lover, buy a new home, sell the old home etc…everything has a season and virtually everything we create, or un-create, in our lives has an initiation time.  Just like your natal birth chart (when you were initiated into the world) every significant new thing you do has a moment of birth/initiation. Astrology can be tremendously helpful in identifying those times when you have the absolute best opportunity for success.

Find An Auspicious Day for the most important events in your life.

Auspicious Days for Money*
Scientific Astrology can help you with your finances. There are some very important, mission critical, financial dates that are well served by having a qualified Scientific Astrologer select them for you.


Contracts and Wills
There are some agreements that you are not able to monitor for the entire time the agreement is in effect. Signing contracts and wills on days that reflect promises that are kept helps to give you peace of mind that what you intended to happen will indeed take place.


Bank and Brokerage Accounts
The days you open financial accounts are actually very critical to your long-term financial outlook and one of the easier things you can do to improve your financial condition. You want to open these accounts days with strong planetary geometry that include alignments that facilitate financial success.


Stocks and Bonds**
As Author, Robert Kiosaki writes in his acclaimed book on acquiring wealth, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” profits are really made at the time of purchase, not at the time of sale. Using auspicious astrological days to make purchases of stocks and bonds helps you to start the transaction off with the best energy. 



*Astrology is not a replacement for qualified financial and legal representation. It is intended to enhance your experience by pointing you towards the most auspicious days to execute your important documents, contracts and accounts. You are encouraged to engage the most competent professional financial and legal representation available. A good astrological day will not necessarily save a poorly executed legal document or weak investment opportunity.

**You cannot make money on stocks and bonds using just astrology. You cannot circumvent the value of sound financial advice from a qualified professional. You can however, use Magi Astrology to enhance the process by making your purchase on an auspicious day.

Great Buying Days
Some days are much better than others to make large purchases. If you are taking out a loan to make a purchase, it is important to select a purchase date that can assist you in getting that loan paid off. If you are making a major purchase, I can help you find the best day to conduct the transaction.

Televisions, Home Theater Components, Computers and Appliances - Because these run off of electricity it is important that the purchase day has an alignment that is supportive to electrical items.

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Planes and Motorcycles - The transaction day needs to have alignments that contain safe transportation symbolism.

Home Furnishings, Cabinets, Countertops, and Heating & Air Conditioning units - Reliability and longevity is the planetary symbolism we are looking for on purchase days for these products.

Outstanding Days Help To Create Meaningful Relationships

The moment you meet someone in person AND have some kind of physical touch (handshake, hug, kiss, pat on the back, etc...) you create a birth chart for your relationship with that person that never goes away. Just like the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” you also never get a second chance to meet someone and touch them for the first time.

You can use Astrology to give you a leg up when you know you will be meeting someone new. Here are some circumstances when you may want help in facilitating a blessed meeting of a new person.

 - Going out on a blind date or a first date with someone you have never touched before.

 - Meeting the friends or relatives of your new boy/girl friend

 - Meeting family members new to you; babies, cousins, perspective in-laws, etc…

 - An employment interview

 - Meeting a perspective client

 - Meeting a professional that will be helping you like a physician, dentist or lawyer

 - Meeting new neighbors

 - Meeting a new boss

 - Meeting new employees

 - Meeting a new pet

Learn more about how astrology can make meeting someone new more successful. 

Astrology Works With Pets


Choosing an auspicious day to first meet and/or take-possession-of your new pet for the first time can facilitate a better connection with you and your family members.


The day you first meet your pet (by actually touching it) is the birthday for the relationship you have with your animal. The day you take possession of your pet is like a mini-wedding that signifies your new pet joining with you as a family. You want to make sure there are favorable planetary alignments that symbolize companionship on that day. 


If you do not have a birthday for your pet, the day you first meet is especially important to help insure you have some friendship and companionship aspects as a part of your relationship.


If you are working with a breeder, pet store, rescue organization or shelter and they know the birthday for your potential pet(s), then I can give you a very good analysis on how well this animal will fit into your life and the lives of your family members.

Make a Profit When You Buy It

The day you take ownership of your property is the birthday of that transaction and it sets into motion the energy that was cemented as a result of your new acquisition. Finalizing the transaction on an auspicious day can assist in increasing the value of your asset.

Real estate is often the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. For most people it is the most significant asset in their financial portfolio. For just a fraction of the value of your purchase, you could have the satisfaction of knowing that you took ownership of your property on an auspicious day that planted the seeds for success.

The most important day of the transaction is the exact day you take legal ownership of the property.  This date has tremendous astrological significance for the buyer, and very little for the seller. The date you take ownership usually has some flexibility and it is well worth negotiating for best day for you; just as you would negotiate for the best price.


Choose the Right Realtor for You
Working with a professional on any major transaction requires lots of trust. You also need someone who makes you feel comfortable and will serve as your advocate in creating a successful transaction. I offer a service where I can give you information on how your energy and your realtor’s energy mesh with one another. This consultation can provide you insight into what your strengths and weaknesses are as a team and help you avoid uncomfortable circumstances. The focus is on helping you find a person with whom you have the potential to achieve your mutual goals. The process is very easy.  You provide me with the birth dates of the prospective realtors that you have an interest in working with, and I use Magi Astrology to help you to determine which relationship contains the most harmony and success.


It Works Both Ways; I Help Realtors Too
Realtors, I offer a service for you as well. Exceptionally challenging client relationships can be a disaster for your business. They devour your time and energy and often result in missing better opportunities with clients who are a easier to deal with. Using Magi Astrology, I can tell you in advance if you are incompatible with a client. Allowing you to refer them to someone else and exit the relationship before investing too much time and energy.


Get Help with New Listings
I can also offer assistance by identifying particularly strong days for you to initiate the relationship and great days to sign the contract providing you with a strong astrological foundation to facilitate success.


Faster Sales
It is to everyone’s benefit to sell the property as fast as possible and still get a strong price. Listing the property on an auspicious day for real estate can be a big boost to accomplishing that goal. I have had outstanding success in helping people find an auspicious day to list their property.

Lasting and Meaningful Events

There are certain events that create lifetime memories. Initiating your event on an auspicious day can provide a foundation for you to achieve your goals and objectives.


Special events that Astrology can enhance are:

  • Recognition events
  • Fundraising events
  • Presentation of a substantial gift
  • Reunions
  • Grand Openings
  • Big Announcements
  • Holliday Parties
  • Singles mixers
  • Athletic Tournaments
  • Open houses
  • Community Meetings
  • Political fundraisers, rallies & debates
  • Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Classes and Workshops

First Days are Critical
The most important day is always the first day. Period. The energy of that day sets the tone for the entire length of the endeavor. The reason wedding days are so critical is that they are the first day of being married. The reason the first day of school is so important is it sets the tone for the entire school year. Every time you have a first day you have a golden opportunity to create success. We don’t always get to choose our first days. If you are afforded the chance to choose, by all means take advantage of the opportunity.  When an endeavor has great importance and you have a lot riding on the outcome, it is well worth your while to let Magi Astrology assist you in finding the most auspicious day to begin.

NEW JOB - Start Working on a Great Day
All work relationships have a birthday. The relationship you have with your company and with your job is the first day on that job. It is a vital initiation date that can greatly enhance your success. The chart of your first day of work can very much describe the nature of your work experience as well as be a significant indicator of what the outcome of your employment will be. It is in your best interests to make sure you begin your new job on an auspicious day that enhances your chances for great success and reward. A start date can often be negotiated as a part of the hiring process. Knowing ahead of time what days would be great start days for you gives you a tremendous advantage.

BIG PROJECTS - Big Projects Need Powerful Days
When you begin a large endeavor, you almost always have a lot invested in the outcome. Choosing an auspicious astrological day will help lay the foundation for the outcome you are envisioning at the time you start the project.

Learn more about Best Start Dates.

The Most Important Day of Your Life

Your wedding date is the most important day of your life, besides the day you were born. The wedding chart can assist you more than any other chart; other than your natal chart, and it is linked to you for as long as you are married. It has the power to help you achieve lasting financial security. It can enhance your love and your feelings of contentment. It can even enhance the lives of your children as it is the chart of your family.

The impact of a wedding chart is profound. It is the best and most powerful way to significantly improve your life. If you only have a Certified Magi Astrologer elect one chart for you, let it be a marriage chart. Because of the importance of this chart, it is essential a highly qualified astrologer help you select your wedding day. It is by far the best wedding gift you could ever give yourself or a loved one.


Learn more about how astrology can help you with a successful engagement, wedding, or second marriage. 

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My clients cover a wide spectrum, from individuals with concerns about relationships, career and other life choices, to businesses needing assistance with strategic planning, staffing and product launches. Be it helping you to find an auspicious date to initiate a mission critical event or providing insightful analysis on your most important issues, I can help you to make great choices and to make them at the right time.

Learn more about Make A Great Choice and Kevin McCorry.

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