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Business Astrology

Auspicious Dates

Astrology can give your business a significant advantage with the best dates to launch a product, start a project or plan the year ahead

There is an auspicious time for everything - from incorporating a new business, launching a new product or planning the next offsite retreat to submitting proposals, and making large expenditures.

Find an Auspicious Date for important Business Decisions

Simply put, Astrology can give you a significant business advantage. Harnessing the energy of the planets helps you to make great choices at the right time and avoid making poor choices at the wrong time. I can help you identify auspicious dates in these areas of your business.

Astrology Can Help Your Business Maximize Its Potential

Your revenue is flat, your marketing efforts are not producing, and your competitors are nipping at your heals. You just can’t seem to catch a break. Does this sound familiar? Why not create your own break. Through arduous research the Magi Society has uncovered exactly what types of planetary alignments lead to business success. There are usually several very good business-related planetary alignments every year. What you need to do is use these auspicious days to your advantage by starting important business initiatives on these days.

There is caveat to auspicious days. If the charts of your business are undergoing stressful and turbulent transits, then you are not able to maximize the potential of a good astrological day. The key is to find auspicious days where your charts are having very positive and helpful transits.  This will allow you to get the most out of your new initiatives.


Record Keeping Pays Off

When you keep close track of the days and times when important things happen in your business you are giving yourself and your astrologer a huge advantage. Very rarely can just one chart provide you with all the information you need. The key is having several dates to use. For instance, if we are analyzing a client relationship, then the first day you met them is a crucial day. Their birthday (if it is an individual) or their incorporation chart (if it is a company) are vital pieces of astrological information. The first day they actually sign a contract or make a purchase has a ton of significance. If you do not have records for these days, all is not lost, but if you do, you will have a distinct advantage in using astrology to your favor going forward.

Let your Assets, Be Assets
Vehicles, furniture, equipment, computers, buildings, office space; the higher the price the greater the investment and the greater the risk. The birth date for these purchases and the signing dates of these contracts is important. Choosing to exercise them on auspicious days will facilitate that item helping your business to its fullest extent.

The Most Beneficial Thing You Can Do
You are launching a new business, investing copious amounts of time and energy. Likely, you and others have a huge financial stake in the success of your business venture. The most beneficial thing you could possibly do is incorporate your business on an auspicious day conducive to success.


There are several vital components to a successful incorporation chart, and each is just as important as the rest.

  • You need the right day for what you are trying to accomplish. If you are in retail, you need the planetary symbolism to be attractive to the general public, conversely if you are in a business-to-business industry you need the symbolism to be attractive to other businesses. The symbolism for selling electronics is quite different than if you were selling books.
  • It must be a good day for you and your partners. If you have a lot of turbulent transits to in your charts at the time of the incorporation, you will cement that energy into what the business venture and carry that energy forward in perpetuity.


  • It must have planetary geometry with financial planets. You need your revenue streams to be full and abundant. A well-crafted incorporation chart lays the foundation for financial success.
  • It must have the planetary alignments that provide long-term momentum. Launching a company takes a tremendous amount of effort. The initial years of a company require a substantial amount of energy to accomplish your goals and objectives. Harnessing the power of the planets to keep the wind at your back is paramount. 


A powerful incorporation chart will set the stage for an impressive start and increases your odds for success. However, it is not a panacea. An auspicious incorporation day sets the foundation for success, but it does not absolve you from working exceptionally hard and making good choices.

Let the Astrologers Almanac Tell You When to Plant
Astrology, as a natural science, lends itself to natural metaphors. Succinctly put, you can expect a very, very small yield if you plant your crops in the dead of winter. Conversely, your chance at a bumper crop greatly improves when you plant your crop in the spring after the danger of a freeze has passed.  This very simple wisdom has served farmers for thousands of years.


Unfortunately, most marketers don’t consult the Astrological weather forecast and their results reflect it. The resources allocated to a marketing initiative can be substantial. Just like the seeds the farmer plants, the marketing initiative is very sensitive to the business weather environment. All too often well planned and executed marketing initiatives die on the vine, because they were exposed to freezing business temperatures.


Scientific Astrology, through extensive research has identified some very specific symbolisms and planetary geometry that identifies the auspicious days which give your marketing initiatives the best the chance for success. 

Signal Success
Choosing a successful product launch date gives your product the best chance for success. There are so many circumstances in business you have little to no control over. However, in the case of product launches you have the control.  You have the opportunity to choose an appropriate date to launch your product or service and give it the best chance for success. The number of resources expended to launch a new product or service is usually substantial. An auspicious launch day can help you to reap the rewards for all that you have invested. 


Your Business has More Than One Chart
Every time you launch a significant product or service that chart becomes a part of the astrological chart portfolio of your business. One of the best ways to provide your business with on-going positive energy is to carefully coordinate these special dates.

The Rainmaker. Everybody needs them.

It is perhaps the most critical position in a company. Good ones know where the money is and how to get the gatekeeper to release it. They find investors, they create revenue streams, they capture the big accounts; this is why they are worth their weight in gold.


The nature of a Rainmaker is bi-directional, they are either going forward or they are going backward, they are never in a plateau. Plateaus are equivalent to missed opportunities for Rainmakers, which is why Astrology is a Rainmakers best friend. Just like astrologers, a Rainmaker is in the “time” business. While the astrologer is looking at it from a qualitative perspective, the rainmaker is looking at it from a quantitative perspective. It takes time to put a deal together, but a deal that blows up means a missed opportunity somewhere else, and several steps being taken in the wrong direction.


By embracing astrologically auspicious moments in time, the Rainmaker can avoid missed opportunities. Give your rainmaker better odds with their pitch and their successful close by offering them up at right astrological time, on the right astrological day.

First Days are Critical
The most important day is always the first day. Period. The energy of that day sets the tone for the entire length of the endeavor. The reason wedding days are so critical is that they are the first day of being married. The reason the first day of school is so important is it sets the tone for the entire school year. Every time you have a first day you have a golden opportunity to create success. We don’t always get to choose our first days. If you are afforded the chance to choose, by all means take advantage of the opportunity.  When an endeavor has great importance and you have a lot riding on the outcome, it is well worth your while to let Scientific Astrology assist you in finding the most auspicious day to begin.


Big Projects Need Powerful Days
When you begin a large endeavor, you almost always have a lot invested in the outcome. Choosing an auspicious astrological day will help lay the foundation for the outcome you are envisioning at the time you start the project.

Scientific Astrology research has uncovered which planets symbolize the internet (it’s more than the two classical planets you might suspect). In addition, we know the components of planetary geometry necessary for a successful web site. 

The purchase date of the URL combined with the official launch date for the web site are the most critical dates for increasing your odds for success on the internet. 

Astrology can help you with your internet presence and provide you an advantage on your competition.