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What clients say about astrology sessions with Kevin McCorry

Kevin is incredible — I feel like I’m speaking with a lifelong friend during my Magi astrology readings. His insight into my past, present and future has been revealing, refreshing and sometimes downright spooky (in a good way!). I’ve been able to navigate my way through some tough life choices and plan for a more peaceful and financially secure future. Each year, for the past 4 years, have begun with a two-hour reading from Kevin McCorry!


Financial Services - USA

I highly recommend Magi Kevin to anyone needing advice on date selection and general astrology counseling. He chose a wedding date for us and since the wedding, we've had so many very positive changes in our lives. It's incredible how well things have been turning out and how good life feels with the new wedding chart! His caring, wise and kind words always hit the mark and help us see the truth of what's going on in our lives.


Biologist/Entrepreneur – South Africa

Kevin has helped me to navigate a lot in my life using his astrological expertise. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you are looking for clarity & purpose. In particular, he has advised me of the best times for starting my projects, leading to very positive outcomes. I would not start new ventures without Kevin’s help & I will be looking for his help hopefully many more times in the future. Thank you Kevin – you are a true gem in the astrological world!”


Window Display Designer - Australia

I have been consulting with Kevin McCorry for over 15 years, and I can state in all Truth that the insights I have received are world-class and have helped me see and align with God’s plan. I do recommend Kevin McCorry’s scientific Astrology to anyone who is serious about their journey on Earth school.

Dr. Juan

Entrepreneur - Portugal

Kevin’s astrological readings are life-changing! He has an amazing talent to interpret someone’s astrological chart so that it is relevant in their life. He is masterful at providing good astrological dates to initiate relationships, start new business, launch websites, engage in legal agreements, that time after time have proven to be valuable.

He provides options, recommendations, and approaches, based on planetary aspects, that someone can make in their life, especially during life transitions. I have used Kevin for years to help me make key business decisions and I have referred him to numerous colleagues and friends. Kevin is not only an expert in astrology, but he also cares deeply to help others in their life journey.


Business Owner and Entrepreneur – USA

Kevin is a modern astrologer with deep understanding and experience. His guidance is invaluable and insightful on an extraordinary level. This has been demonstrated to me on numerous occasions. 


Retired from IT and finance - UK

I have consulted Kevin for many major milestones that heavily impact my life, from job interview dates to first start date at my dream job, and making a major cross country move. The assurance of the auspicious energy of the dates he picks has given me a sense of calmness with major decisions and has translated over the years to progressively more success both financially and in accolades. Kevin has a way of explaining the astrological energy not only in terms of symbolism but also in life lessons that really help me see and understand how these major life decisions on the days he chooses can improve my life and get to where I am supposed to be. I am so thankful to have found Kevin.


IT Security Specialist - USA

There were definitely times in my life when I felt like there were forces working against me. Through Kevin’s consultations he showed me the impacts of my astrological map and their specific influences on me. He is careful, patient, and painstakingly perfectionist in his presentations. It is clear he cares and puts enormous work into his charting. I recommend him without reservation.


Physician - USA

I am a traditional astrologer who, like my teacher, turned away from it.    It wasn’t accurate enough.   Then, someone told me about Kevin.  After four years of consulting with him and getting a personalized monthly calendar, I can attest:   Magi astrology works!

He’s helped me achieve goals and avoid pitfalls.   He tells me when to step up to the plate and when to step down.   Right before COVID came on the radar, he steered me away from elective surgery.   Boy did I dodge a bullet.   I ended up with emergency gall bladder surgery January 2020, and was able to cruise through quarantine without further health issues.

Two months ago, he told me I’d have bad luck with real estate properties.   Bingo:  In three properties, I had a pipe burst, a water leak and another plumbing issue.  Thanks to Kevin’s advice, I had saved the money to cover everything. 

By proactively going for it on my lucky days, I got a fantastic new career that people still wonder how I got.    He even helped me pick my new puppy.   Thus, I won’t schedule anything important without him, especially travel.    So Make A Great Choice:    Kevin’s  protection never fails.”.


Journalist - USA Astrological world!

Whenever I have a milestone event approaching or I am considering buying a big ticket item, I consult with Kevin.  He has never steered me wrong.  His consultations are insightful, thorough and on the mark.  I highly and strongly recommend him


IT Banking Industry – USA

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My clients cover a wide spectrum, from individuals with concerns about relationships, career and other life choices, to businesses needing assistance with strategic planning, staffing and product launches. Be it helping you to find an auspicious date to initiate a mission critical event or providing insightful analysis on your most important issues, I can help you to make great choices and to make them at the right time.

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